Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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About Simply Haiku

Simply Haiku is a showcase for Japanese short form poetry written in the English language.

Our objectives are:
To showcase the work of well-established poets and artists.
To showcase the work of new or less known poets and artists.
To provide features, in the form of essays and interviews, wherein poets and artists share their insights and personal journeys.
To provide high quality educational information for learners.
To reprint high quality work in any of the haiku-related genres, essays and interviews, that would be otherwise lost or difficult to access.
To provide a reliable, long-term archive of all of the above.

Simply Haiku is published four (4) times per year online only. The archives are a permanent feature of the web site. Submissions are acceptable at any time and will be handled by the Editors in a timely fashion. To submit your work please view the Submission Guidelines.

Editorial Staff:

Announcements Editor: Email Carol Raisfeld

Haibun (Prose with Haiku) Editor: Email Lynne Rees

Haiga (New Art Forms) Editor: Email Carol Raisfeld
includes: photo-haiku, digital art-haiku, photo-manipulated art-haiku, watercolor or oil painting plus haiku, etc.

Haiga (Traditional Art Forms) Editor: Email Carol Raisfeld
includes: ink drawing, sumi-e, brush painting, calligraphy, woodblock painting, etc.

Haiku Editor: Email Richard Gilbert

Renku (Collaborative Linked Verse) Editor: Email Moira Richards

Senryu Editor: Email Al Pizzarelli

Tanka Editor: Email Kirsty Karkow

All other submission inquiries to Robert D. Wilson, Managing Editor: Email Robert Wilson

Copyright 2009: Simply Haiku