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Paul Conneally, Editor
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Editor's Welcome

Welcome to the Simply Haiku Haibun section. This edition gave me the great pleasure of reading through and selecting from over ninety haibun submissions. I hope that you enjoy the final selections as much as I enjoyed the task of selecting them. One cannot underestimate the time invested in writing a good haibun and I hope that you agree with me that it truly is time well spent. We have haibun from around the world and in various styles and all of them 'a good read' - each leaving us with something to travel on from and with after the reading.

This is the last edition with me as editor of the haibun section at Simply Haiku and I'd like to thank Robert Wilson and all the dedicated staff at Simply Haiku for allowing me the opportunity to read, select and learn from all the wonderful haibun submitted to the journal - a journal that does so much in spreading the word and sharing all that's best about haiku and the wider haikai world.

As I move on I'd like to encourage all of you to read as much haiku, haibun and haikai work as you can get your hands on and to have a go at writing a haibun and perhaps submit it here to Simply Haiku where I'm sure the next Haibun Editor will have as much fun in the reading as I have had over the last three issues.

All that's best and enjoy the haibun!

~ Paul Conneally

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