Okay, Gang . . .
This is as good as it gets. It took several minutes to clean it up after the conversion to .rtf (which was instant), since it omitted spacing between words, and made a lot of the commas into periods in the process.
And the last poem at the bottom of this page (p. 42) is supposed to look like this:
catching that tail-end
              of a dream . . .
last day of summer
another time gone.
(Hopefully this has indented L1 & L3, with double spacing after L3 and LL4 & 5 set back at the left margin.)
But I couldn't get rid of the indents for LL4 &5 in the .rtf version.
Scanning isn't perfect. I didn't try deleting the last two lines and retyping them, but I don't think that would have worked either. Something was guiding them to indent equal to LL1 and 3, and I don't know how to get rid of that hidden command.
But we can work with this.
Fortunately, there are not many pages to be converted. But it will take some careful editing on my part.
I will send you each page separagely, Keith. Keep them in order when you put them online--and keep the page numbers, with an underline beneath each page as it appears (under the number, so it will be possible for scholars to cite a page reference if using this material)--the way we did it with the first two sections of the Ungar essay in v5n3 & 4.
At least it's doable, and that's important.
The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:
McClintock converted p 42 scan0007

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