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Autumn 2009, vol 7 no 3


Diana Webb


She sits back in the seat as pair after pair of lenses come between her eyes and the words just placed before her.

abound here always
the poor birds
how tame they are

It leaps from dark print on white, a moment magnified.

of the hedge
as it were

‘But this is poetry’ she cries. The optician looks quite startled.

delicate tracery
a stray hip or haw
for the birds

‘OK. Just reading glasses then. I’ll write out a prescription.’

She climbs down from the chair and watched by the people in the waiting room, wanders off in her very own forest, listening, wishing that they too could see and hear them.

in the middle
shadow of a wren

Note: the haiku included here are ‘found haiku’extracted from reading material in ‘N.V.Test Types’ – ‘Sussex Vision’, used at a local branch of a well known optician chain and taken from the work of Richard Jeffries.


Diana Webb Diana Webb is very much interested in the connection between haiku and well-being.She has run workshops in haiku related writing at an arts centre for people with experience of mental distress. Much of the inspiration for her own writing comes from the area around the River Mole in Leatherhead near London where she lives. Currently she is events officer for the British Haiku Society and is hoping to promote haiku and haiku related forms among a wide range of people.