Simply Haiku: A Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry
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Autumn 2009, vol 7 no 3


Assemblage 1
Groups read diagonally downward (beginning left-right-left, etc.)
The final haiku in a group is followed by the author's name.


Fire —

    the shaman brushes the

                 lions from ashes
  Guatemalan tre

         es     that is what the torn pap-
         er     read by dawn
Silent mountains

            the five horse nuzzles its

  Lightning —

            at this moment

             I have no age
withered shadow
a roost of crows
on dry grass
  on the edge of silence the loon's minor key
a sea of fogů
the uncertainty
of sound
  bare branches grasping cloud the tight curl of talons
summer solstice ...
a fleeting taste
of moonlight
  wind in my hair the wild voice wavers
traces of shadow
the bitter taste
of goodbye
  autumn stars ...
a quiet me sounding
take a breath,
carabao, the stillness
of dawn ...
  daydreams ...
what to do with
a child's heart?
the fly
on a soldier's gun ...
  this earth, before
we built clay homes ...
autumn dawn
school visit –
my dress blues startle
some parents
  a world away –
she hugs
the computer monitor
a cricket
always quiet –
when i'm near
  thirty-fifth day –
dad smokes
with enma dai˘

(enma dai˘ (Skrt, Yama), ruler of the underworld in Buddhist mythology.)

"Fire —" "Guatemalan tre," "Silent mountains," "Lightning —" Mike Andrelczyk "withered shadow," "on the edge of silence the loon's minor key," "a sea of fogů," "bare branches grasping cloud the tight curl of talons," "summer solstice ...," "traces of shadow," "wind in my hair the wild voice wavers" Linda Pilarski
"autumn stars ...," "take a breath," "daydreams ...," "the fly," "this earth, before" Robert Wilson "school visit –," "a world away –," "a cricket," "thirty-fifth day –" John Holt