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William J. Higginson, Haiku Clinic Editor
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William J. Higginson was born in New York City and raised there and in nearby New Jersey. After attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for two years, he joined the US Air Force, and was assigned to Japanese language graduate school at Yale University, which he completed with honors. He served two years in Japan, where he began his study of poetry and translation. After returning to the US, he completed his undergraduate studies, taking a BA with honors in English at Southern Connecticut State College in 1969.

He leads a multifaceted life as a poet, translator, writer, speaker, teacher of writing, administrator, and literary press and Internet author and editor, editing and publishing Haiku Magazine (1971-1976, successor to Eric W. Amann's Haiku, founded in 1967 in Toronto) and From Here Press books, including titles by Allen Ginsberg, Elizabeth Searle Lamb, and Ruth Stone.

For a full biography and list of his publications please visit this web site: Biography-Higginson.

To email Bill, address your email to:, but substitute "@" for "-at-". [This is done to prevent spammers from picking up his email address from this web page].