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Francine Porad

Francine Porad lives, writes and paints in the Seattle, Washington area. Former President of the Haiku Society of America; editor for eight years of Brussels Sprout, an international journal of haiku and art. There are twenty-two collections of Porad's poems. The haiku were individually published in the U.S., Canada, England, Croatia, Australia, Romania and Japan. Her work is in many anthologies, including Haiku Moment (Charles E. Tuttle, 1993), Haiku World: An International Poetry Almanac (Kodansha, 1996) and How To Haiku , Edited by Bruce Ross (Charles E. Tuttle, 2002). Francine Porad is a frequent guest lecturer and presenter; she has juried many national and international haiku/senryu/tanka competitions.

misty morning
an Art Deco handrail adorned
with spider webs

stormy night
still one bright star
for wishing

eye surgery
the shimmer
of moonlight

school open house
Mrs. Thompson atop her desk
swinging long legs

teacher invites Daddy
to discuss my schoolwork
without Mom

Francine Porad
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