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Michael Rehling

Michael Rehling is a quiet Zen wordsmith who lives with his wife of thirty years, his dogs, the memory of a twenty year old cat who recently died, and lots of pine trees at his home in Michigan. He enjoys and writes all 'short forms' of poetry.

His site is: www.haikuhut.com.
His email address: mrehling@haikuhut.com

spring hike
--my mind tightly focused
on my blister

two heron
one steps to the left
-------------the other goes right

in my kitchen
--------the tea kettle whistles
---to Bach

winter day-
---kissing the buttercups
by memory

a child's picture smiles
from the page

death mask
-- a dead trout's imprint
in the river sand

breakfast kiss
----sharing the egg white
on our tongues

sea grasses
-------take on the color
of sunset
(inspired by a photo by Carol Raisfeld)

Michael Rehling
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