Volume 1, Number 2, August 2003

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Joanna Ashwell

Joanna Ashwell has had her haiku published in Presence, Time Haiku, Still and Blithe Spirit. She enjoys both the writing and reading of haiku. She hopes one day to have a collection of haiku published. She has had one pamphlet collection of mainstream poetry published by Flarestack Publishing, entitiled America in the Palm of my Hand & The Fire Starter Poems.

finding solace again
in my upturned palm
butterfly wings return

mountain summit
a murky descent
swept away

an upturned tree
amidst this downpour
puddle whipped branches

a spin of the Tarot card
changing plans
tomorrow less certain

molten meadow flowers
senses aflame
hazy days

Joanna Ashwell
Copyright © 2003