Volume 1, Number 2, August 2003

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Pamela A. Babusci

Pamela A. Babusci has been writing tanka for the past ten years. Her tanka has been published in Japan, England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada & the USA. She has won International Tanka Splendor Awards in 1995- 1999; 2001-2002 & won First Place in The Yellow Moon Tanka Contest 2002 from Australia. Writing tanka has become an integral part of her life & she aspires to write at least one to five tanka on a daily basis. She hopes that by reading her tanka, you might also become impassioned to write some.

dark clouds
& my long hair
the same color~
even, after it rains
i breathe in melancholy

the knife slips so easily
into the fresh mango~
trying to remember
why i hate him
so much

the pond's surface
a dragonflys' wings~
you never touch me

beneath the weight
of his body or next to
a stand of pines
i am quite small
& yet & yet...

if i come to you
naked or fully clothed
will you share a piece
of your heart with me?
i think not, it is too thin

Pamela A. Babusci
Copyright © 2003