Volume 1, Number 2, August 2003

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Susumu Takiguchi

Susumu Takiguchi

spotty yellows emerging
from this ocean of green –
vast rape field

a pair of blue jays
looking like giants
among snowdrops

in the whiteness
of the morning sun,
snowdrops disappear

bush clover,
falling petals form a carpet;
how thick the moss!

this piercing cold –
lodging in the holes
of my old socks

familiar landscape
all in pastel colours…
dusting of snow

autumn dawn –
rain tapping the tin roof,
the crow too keeps me awake

fog obscures
the length of the day –
winter solstice

in the still of the night –
only the sound of my nib
speaks volumes

lotus flower –
unable to flee
from water

Susumu Takiguchi
Copyright © 2003