Volume 1, Number 2, August 2003

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Susumu Takiguchi


All from "THE TWADDLE OF AN OXONIAN -- HAIKU POEMS & ESSAYS", by Susumu Takiguchi, first published in 2000 by Ami-Net International Press, England, one hundred self-selected haiku poems and a selection of critical academic papers (some revised)

my watchdog --
trembling in fear
of approaching thunder

new potatoes
I eat
the smell of earth too

with a skinny cat
I share hunger --
autumn evening

autumn leaves
come rushing in,
with my party guests

spade splits the Earth
into two worlds --
earthworm in between

I cough --
the same sound as Father
back in Japan

my favourite hillside,
by winter fog

merry jokes
break my heart,
at Christmas

single kite
becomes a black dot
in the distant sky

moonless night --
I throw a beetle
into deeper darkness

Susumu Takiguchi
Copyright © 2003