Volume 1, Number 2, August 2003

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Geert Verbeke

Geert Verbeke was born and bred in Kortrijk in Flanders-Belgium, Europe. He is recognised as a humorous expert on singing bowls. He began composing haiku in 1968, and is a member of the World Haiku Association and the Haiku Centrum Vlaanderen. Extensive travels outside of Flanders added new poetic dimensions to his haiku. He is the author of a meditation book, poetry albums, fairy-tales, a book on jazz, 9 cd's & three books about Singing Bowls. Geert's work regularly appears in anthologies, on the internet and in magazines, such as Vuursteen (Flanders & Holland), Concept (Flanders), Photo-Haiku (Japan) and Ginyu (Japan).

a glimpse
of the dark tropical sky
hear the rainfall

a freshwater pond
surrounded by mangroves
herons have a heyday

swamp forest
light and shadow at work
chorus of cicadas

deep canyons
into the vulcanic soil
only bat activity

a shakuhachi
while drinking tea
a first encounter

Geert Verbeke
Copyright © 2003