Volume 1, Number 2, August 2003

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Robert D. Wilson

Robert Wilson's work has been included in Ikuyo Yoshimura's college textbook, The Internationalization of Japanese Poems; the World Haiku Review, In Buddha's Temple. The Mindprint Review, the Union Democrat Newspaper, Nightengale, Midwest Poetry Review, Tempslibres (Free Times), Short Stuff, The San Fernando Poetry Journal, Foothill Peace Forum Newsletter, The Banner, Central Sierra Arts Council Newspaper, Haiku Poet's Hut, Waterblossoms, HaikuHarvest, Midnight Edition, Mainichi Daily News, and many more.

He is a painter, and has also written an unpublished mystery novel entitled Late For Mass. He is also a performing poet, who has read and performed his poetry on cable television, radio, college campuses, and in saloons. He is a member of the World Haiku Club, and Vietnam Ruminations has been presented in a number of venues of the WHC. Robert credits his father, the late Robert Wilson, with introducing him to haiku when he was a young boy. His father was an excellent poet who had a strong influence on his son, and Vietnam Ruminations is dedicated to his Dad. You can visit his Vietnam Ruminations page here www.vietnamruminations.com . He is a columnist for Teacher Librarian Magazine, co-editor and Illustrator of Cherry Blossoms: A Book of Haiku (River Man Publishing), and co-founder of the Mindprint Review Literary Journal.


painting shadows

floating on

patiently waiting

master cockroach

Robert D. Wilson
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