Tom Clausen

Tom has been interested in reading and writing tanka since the early 1990's when he discovered tanka in Mirrors, Lynx, Five Lines Down and Woodnotes. The tanka of Takuboku have had a strong influence on Tom's attraction to tanka. He has had one collection of tanka published, A Work of Love ( Tiny Poems Press, 1997) and his most recent collection, Homework ( Snapshot Press, 2000) also features tanka mixed with haiku and senryu. A lifelong resident of Ithaca, in upstate New York, Tom is married with two children, Casey and Emma. He works in a library at Cornell University.

my wife asks what
it is I want-
there it is, that question
that not even I
can answer

the problem with facts
is there are too many of them
to manage-
I think of Kent State
and this dark dahlia

for years I had desire
to purchase things
that reminded me of my childhood
but now, even that
is gone

without fanfare at dusk
I drag the dead branch
to the brush pile-
another day risen
and fallen from my life


we work briskly
into the momentum of the day
a long list of what to do,
once all there was
was to fall in love

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