Kathy Lippard Cobb

Kathy Lippard Cobb resides in Bradenton, Florida. Her professional occupation is marketing/management. Ms Cobb is the winner of numerous literary awards. She was awarded the 2001 Harold Henderson Award, the 2001 and 2002 James W. Hackett International Haiku Award, the 2001 Haiku Presence Award, the 2002 Haiku Presence Award (second place), the 2001 Midwest Poetry Review Annual Haiku Contest, the 2002 Yellow Moon Literary Competition for Tanka, the 2002 Yellow Moon Literary Competition for Haiku (second place), the 2001 Betty Drevniok Award (second place), 2002 Florida State Poetry Contest, 2002 Shadow Ink Poetry Contest, Haiku Calendar Competition, International Kusamakura, AN5(second place), 2003 Mainichi Haiku (second place), and numerous other commendations.

Ms. Cobb's poetry has been published in the Heron's Nest, Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Paper Wasp, Acorn, Snapshots, Raw Nervz, Presence, Midwest Poetry Review, Still, Haiku Headlines, Starfish, Yellow Moon, Shemom, The Florida Villager, The Shadows Ink Poetry Chapbook, and several anthologies.

Her poetry has also been featured in several online publications including Autumn Leaves, Ku Nouveau, Haiku Harvest, Haiku Light, Haiku Harvest, Amaze, Temps Libres, Water Blossoms, and A Field of Sunflowers.

the young widow
carefully adjusts her veil--
white oleander

childhood home-
my voice changes
from room to room

dawn . . .
a white butterfly floats
through the stillness

rose petals cover
the garden bench
suddenly rain . . .

a patch of blue
daddy long-legs circles
the globe

dead grass--
a cow stands in the shadow
of another cow

scattered stars . . .
your angry words lost
to the withering wind

light rain--
yellow roses climb
the wooden ladder

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