Victor P. Gendrano
(March 4, 1930 - August 14, 2003)

On the way home from our last vigil after my wife
passed away, I let my son drive my car as I was not
sure of myself. It was a surreal and strange feeling
as it seemed I was being transported in and out of my
body. At times, I was floating and whirling in thin
air. Despite my condition, I noticed the almost full
August moon with a wisp of cloud covering it, but only
momentarily, as it shone again in splendor only to
disappear from view as we neared the house.

the August moon
starts to wane
chilling the night
my wife returns
to her Creator

Last April 21, we celebrated our 45th wedding

45th Wedding Anniversary
(April 21, 2003)

You came
into my life
like a fresh breath of spring
now after forty-five years you're
still here.
Our love remains stronger each day
which age and fading health
couldn't dampen
my dear.

After forty-five years of married bliss, the first few
days were very difficult for me as I tried to cope not
only with aloneness but loneliness.

autumn sunset
I watch alone
her favorite show

I wait till dawn
for her footsteps
misty cold night
the wail of a mate-less loon
pierces the darkness

the rustle
of fallen leaves muffles
the sound of your absence
as long nights sharpen
the barbs of autumn chill

A visit at her resting place later.

morning after
sparkling dewdrops
grace her grave
a bee buzzes amidst
wilting flowers

Lucy was a gentle, loving, and courageous woman.
Despite her various ailments, she suffered in silence
and took everything in stride. She would not let them
detract from her devotion to her loved ones: husband,
children and grandchildren.

she wears a badge
of courage, full of cheer.
She mocks her ailments while I choke
in tears.

she nonchalantly
offers her arm
for the nurse's needle
as I look away
she feels my pain

with brave smile
her hand tightens on mine
before surgery

Now my wife Lucy is gone. But her memories will live
on with me and our six children to cherish and
remember. Rest in peace. We'll miss you!



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