Jörgen Johansson

Jörgen Johansson was born under a wandering star, Anno 1956 and lives in the beautiful small town of Lidkˆping, in the south-west of Sweden. He is the co-editor of Cherry Blossoms, a book of haiku, published early this year. He has been published in the Mainichi Daily News and has seven haiku pamphlets in Swedish via River Man Publishing Company, which he owns. He runs a company called TRACKS ON WAX, selling rare 60s vinyl, i.e. beat/psychedelia and a record label.

winter morning--
remains of a candle inside
the snowball lantern

autumn forest--
hiding under the spruce,
a chanterelle family

biding my time--
alone with the moon
and the stars

the praying mantis
sits perfectly still in front of
the buddha statue

october beach--
a seagull lands on the
sandcastle remnants

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