Thelma Mariano

Thelma Mariano's tanka appears in literary journals worldwide and she has consistently won the Tanka Splendor award since she began writing this form of poetry in 1999. Thelma lives in Montreal and works as a writer and life coach. Her personal growth column, Take a Moment, ends with a tanka and can be viewed on her website

was it only jazz
that drew me here tonight?
near the stage
I let the crowds
press me a little tighter

one by one
my worries dissipate
in the night breeze
lost in the sexy twang
of his electric guitar

the summer heat brings
unbidden memories of you
her sultry voice
between the hiss of percussion
“give me just one reason why”

why must I
choose this way or that?
the band picks up
the funky beat as she sings
of going down to the crossroads


crickets chirp
beneath my bedroom window
all night long
as if they sense how badly
I need a little song

Lynx, February 2003


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