Belle Nabor

Belle Nabor works as a University Research Associate at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. She coordinates the international linkages of said university. Belle is also working on
a Master's Degree in Counseling. Belle has always had a passion for poetry. She has been dabbling in poetry since she was in grade school.

drooping eyelids
the moon
looks smaller now

crossing the mirror
the gait
of a confused ant

on the lake
a ripple

the blue tides

a leaf
speaks to the dewdrops,
"will you stop spitting?"

a firefly floats.

a leaf
chasing the currents
of a flooded river.

Mr. Poet,
what madness drove you to believe
you can hold the stars?

little leaf,
what made you tremble
without the wind?

one more step
a snail
on a dunghill.

on your moving

over blue waters
distant boat.


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