Graham Nunn

Graham Nunn is a Queensland born poet who has had haiku published in international journals paper wasp and yellow moon and on & Stylus Poetry Journal ( Recently he was highly commended in the Seed Pearls International Yellow Moon Literary Competition, for his haiku. He also recently won the Yellow Moon renga competition writing with Rowan Donovan, and the 2002 Jack Stamm haiku competiton. His performance poetry has recently been performed at speedpoets and the 2001/2 Subverse Poetry Festival. His work has also been featured in web sites such as Retort Magazine, Slamming the Sonnet, Stylus Poetry Journal, and

hot afternoon
the dusty road
coats my tongue

feeling guilty
I bury the mouse
beneath buddha

breathing in
shadows pass over
the mango tree

abandoned shrine
the wishing well
fills with stars

high tide
the old man runs fingers
through his reflection

---------flying into darkness
---------the bat's echo

on the fishpond
ripples -
autumn wind

ski resort
the tourist's first snow
man made

from the cliff
sea mist stretches
the reflections of stars


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