Linda Jeannette Ward

Linda Jeannette Ward won the Haiku Society's 2002 Merit Book Award for haibun for her collection a delicate dance of wings (Winfred Press and Clinging Vine Press). Linda's tanka have been published in American Tanka, tangled hair, bottle rockets, Hummingbird, The Tanka Journal and other poetry journals. Her tanka have won 2nd and 3rd prizes in the Tanka Society of America's annual competition, as well as four Tanka Splendor Awards. Her work has appeared in several anthologies internationally.

hot night
damp sand holds the shape
of her breast
released from her swimsuit
into his cool waiting hands

six long months
without your hand in mine
i walk our old paths alone--
if there was one part of me
you'd never touched

a thousand tiny moons
from each cresting wave
i hear them fall--
50th birthday
someone asks about my dreams


I meant to leave
your bed at moonrise
...tangled sheets
softened by its glow
melded my body into yours

a frayed red thread: tanka poems
Clinging Vine Press, 2000

salt-glazed hairs
across the back of his hand
quiver in a golden breeze--
her half-stifled cry
when she breaks her long-held gaze

after Somerset Maugham


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