October 2003, Volume 1, Number 4

Mary Lou Bittle-DeLapa

Poet/Artist living in Rochester, NY. Work has appeared in most of the haiku journals as well as poetry journals, Writer's Digest and Creative Spirituality magazine. She has won several haiku and tanka awards.

Lighting the candle,
the room's darkness deepens.
Again I hold my breath
and wait for Sacredness
to enter.


in my dreams I run
down hallways, searching
what was it you said
about love's greatest sacrifice
before you turned away?


after you're gone
I take my time washing,
preparing for bed
clouds gather in the darkening sky
and thunder sounds in the distance


your 20-year mustache gone,
you come to me grinning
then kiss me tentatively
like a new lover


long after you've gone
I stand beneath the moon
listening to the night
your last words
still shattering the silence

Tanka Splendor Award 1999

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