October 2003, Volume 1, Number 4

Borivoj Bukva

Borivoj Bukva was born on November 10, 1948 in Karlovac, Croatia. Apart from haiku poetry, he writes prose and goes in for fine arts, esotery, and theosophy. He has published several books of poetry and prose, lectures about esoteric subjects and theosophy, and contributes to literary magazines, periodicals and newspapers, as well as on radio and TV. His poetry has been published in anthologies inland and abroad.

Regatu od
papirnatih brodica
pustam niz potok.

Letting a regatta
of paper ships
down the brook.


Slijedim trag
duz pjescane plaze
- tvoja lutanja.

Following a trace
along the sand beach
- your drifting.


Blistav pogled
u oku djevojcice.
Kup sladoleda.

A brilliant glance
in a girl's eye.
The ice-cream scoop.


Okupano jutro
u pakovoj mrezi.
Sunce u rosi.

The morning bathed
in the spider web.
Sunshine in the dew.


Stani -
vrijeme je najbolji

Stop -
time is the best

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