October 2003, Volume 1, Number 4

Andrew Callister

Andrew Callister lives in a cottage on the outskirts of a small city in southern Australia with his wife, Kristy, and a rambunctious dog, Dharma. Working towards a PhD in tree breeding and water relations physiology consumes most of his time. He also enjoys growing bonsai, bushwalking, trips to the beach, snorkelling and the company of family and friends. He started writing haikai about 18 months ago and now a notepad accompanies him most places - much to Kristy's chagrine! Haiku excites him because it empowers simple language to illuminate the humorous, poignant and allegorical moments in everyday life. The challenge to perceive and describe these moments is ongoing.

autumn daybreak --
our yard bathed in sepia
beneath the half-moon

autumn; the ash
and its golden shadow
one colour

late night downpour --
the traffic lights change
for no-one

midnight fog --
a lone streetlamp silhouettes
the bare trees

steely cold
the railway tracks vanish
into fog

anxious golfers
gather on the green to debate
a budding daisy

explode over the bed...
parsley gone to seed

by crashing waves
rockpool stillness

breakfast chatter
in a bustling cafe
the sound of rapids

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