October 2003, Volume 1, Number 4

Moussia Fantoli

Born in Roma last millennium (!). Classic studies include Latin, Greek, Philosophy and History. A graduate in law, later becoming a lawyer, but the artist inside resented her choice and so now she is a full time artist! Although her talents range from writing (besides being the steady winner of many literary contests, one of her novels has been adapted for and broadcast on the Italian radio - RAI) to handicraft (jewelry, decoupage, interior decorating, etc.), her favorite interest remains writing.

stesa sull'erba
il mondo muta nella
sua prospettiva

laid down on the grass
the world is changing
its perspective


sopra la pietra
la lezione del vento
da decifrare

upon the stone
wind's teaching
to be deciphered


arido cuore
Ë polverosa anche
la buganvilla

parched heart
even the bougainvilia
is dusty


sul letto vuoto
tra lacrime di stelle
la sua camicia

waste bed - -
among stars' tears
her nightgown


ambra fossile
testimone d'un tempo
fatto d'attimo

fossil amber
witness of a time
made all of a sudden


tra i botton d'oro
la spiga lampeggiante
del semaforo

among kingcups
the flashing spike
of a traffic light


quercia materna
stormiscono le foglie
succhiando linfa

mother oak
the leaves rustle
sucking sap


trema la terra
ma il lillà profuma
l'aria ferita

earthquake shocks
lilac still perfuming
the wounded air


legno corroso
scheletro di polena
profumo d'onde

corroded wood
figure-head's skeleton
scent of waves


ramarro verde
spalmato sull'asfalto
cercava sole

green lizard
smeared on the asphalt
seeking sun

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