October 2003, Volume 1, Number 4

R. D. McManes Interview by Robert Wilson

Author of six volumes of poetry, “Reflections in a Poets Mirror”, Love from a Poetic Point of View”, “Poetic Sighs”, “Don’t Read Me Like Some Poem”, “We Ain’t in Kansas No More” and “Pour Me Another Poem”. Mr. McManes has been published by Saucyvox, Literary Expresso, Prairie Poetry, Write On, Short Stuff, Writer’s Hood, HaikuSun, Scrivener’s Pen, and Baroque Review. He has also been a featured poet at Haikuhut.com . Mr. McManes is a member of the Kansas Author’s Club and his author website is www.macpoetry.com. An interview by Robert Wilson is found in this issue [McManes Haiku

sultry afternoon -
buffalo grass tickles
the dog's belly

cloudless day
a wheat field rippling
in the wind

The bamboo
wind blown shadows
across a pond

in the woods
through the rusting can
a grapevine

late summer -
the falling raindrops

after the rain
a flock of blue jays gossip
in the trees

a pair of mushrooms
in the pile of autumn leaves
umbrellas touching

winding road
the raindrops fall
across headlights

the window screen
a spider dines
on the fly

in one breath
the haiku exhales
a butterfly

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