October 2003, Volume 1, Number 4

Kimberly Montoya

Born in Texas, 1965. A potter and multimedia artist, Kimberly Montoya turned her eye seriously to creating haiku and short poetry in November 1999, and tied for 1st place in The Shell Game Competition #28  at  Aha poetry.com in February 2000, under the penname We'moon. Always a devotee of functional art, applying her poetry to photos or other artworks was a natural progression for Ms Montoya.  Using stock photos she created some experimental photo haiga but there seemed to be something essential missing in it.
" The collaboration with Kato-san is proving to be that missing link. Dynamic discussion within the creative process of his photography and my writing provides an essential freshness and completeness  to the work."

Ms. Montoya's website is http://www.geocities.com/kimontoya/index.html

white snail shells suddenly bright
in the dead leaves

June dusk
the leafcutter bee
†makes her last delivery

still evening
a leafless twig moves
stick insect

sunset breeze
between slanting shadows
patter of raindrops

so quiet
even the cat's ears
are still

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