October 2003, Volume 1, Number 4

Carol Raisfeld Haiku

Carol Raisfeld lives in Atlantic Beach, New York. She wrote her first haiku in April 2000 after discovering the Shiki Internet Haiku Salon. Photography and poetry are an integral part of her life, as well as yoga and kickboxing. Her hobbies include sailing, tournament chess, sculpting and painting. As an inventor, Carol holds US and foreign design patents in the field of interactive soft toy design.
Carol serves as Director of WHChaikumultimedia and as a moderator for WHClovehaiku.She contributes to the World Tempos Journal, Beacons, Canon Photo-Haiku World, and holds membership in The Haiku Society of America, the World Haiku Association, The Academy of American Poets, and the World Haiku Club. Her poetry and photography have appeared in The Poetry Protocol, Temps Libres-Free Times, PhotoHaiku.net, TheWorld Haiku Review, HSA Members' Anthology, 'Wild Fowers, New Leaves-Collection of World Haiku, Frogfest, Amaze:The Cinquain Journal, The Heron's Nest, Frogpond, Autumn Leaves, as well as many online interactive Photo-Haiku galleries. Her work can also be seen on her website, www.HaikuBuds.com.

walking the dog ...
if only he could see
the distant stars

spider dinner -
the guest arrives
wrapped in silk

midnight mass -
bats hang from the belfry

sunday morning
in the steeple's shadow
virgin snow

playground closed
icicles hang
from the monkey bars

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