October 2003, Volume 1, Number 4

Beverley George

Beverley George lives on the east coast of Australia between the ocean and a freshwater lagoon. Formerly a technical writer and editor, she has also had a number of short stories published. Haiku and tanka enrich her life and her work has been published in the US, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. She produces and edits Yellow Moon magazine (www.yellowmoon.info) and loves the way this brings her in contact with haiku poets around the world.

rain-washed sky ~
the mountains
between us
much smaller
in this starlight


plum blossoms
falling on my sleeve ~
greeting you with joy
I already dread
the hour when you will leave


only when you
have left the room
do I notice
that the flowers
are fake


humming softly
you always bathe
before love
suffusing my sheets
with sweet-scented steam


crescent moon
defines the pale edge
of driftwood
gleaming coldly
my discarded wedding dress

The Tanka Journal (Japan) No. 22 2003


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