October 2003, Volume 1, Number 4

Larry Kimmel

Larry Kimmel's tanka have appeared in Canada and England as well as the USA. He has been a frequent winner of the Tanka Splendor Award, as well as having appeared in Hummingbird, Lynx, Raw Nervz Haiku, American Tanka, Woodnotes, Poetry in the Light, still, dew-on-line, bottle rockets, Nor' Easter and others, as well as the anthology How to Haiku (Tuttle Press). Having begun as a haiku poet, Kimmel says that he has more and more leaned toward tanka as it suits his subjective and lyrical needs.

on threadbare pasture,
goldenrod and queen anne's lace
cast long shadows . . .
i never thought there'd come a day
you'd not be here


the forsythia
and still
i'm playing solitaire
with a deck one card short


on the kitchen table
in a green bottle
all i need
everything i want


sweet scent of lilacs
i watch a bee question cluster
after cluster
this endless ache for intimacy
what good is it?

stark from the shower
to answer the phone,
she dons a robe
of the finest distance . . .
the girl with spring desire.

Lynx: Vol. XI: no. 1, 1996

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