November 2003, Volume 1, Number 5


Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic: Haiga

when I die
the house threshold
first raindrops
school yard
a tremulous air
not so sunny day
winter morning noise

Making haiku and haiga is, for Jasminka, a way to stay in very close contact with nature, to find friends and positive oriented people around the world, and to do work that is a real pleasure for her.

Jasminka tries to create a modern haiga by using her camera and PC (photo-haiga or digital art haiku, as Ray said) because she can’t paint.

Kuniharu Shimizu, his work, and his clear mind-orientation has shown her how simple a good haiga can be. Museki Abe shows her the beauty and possibilities of photo-haiku. They both were a good and provocative inspiration for her to try her first steps in haiga. Kuni and Mitty have untouched style. She tries to find her own way and sense for haiga.

* electrical engineer, poet, art photographer

* profession: 20 years as computer specialist, now professor (computers again)

* date of birth: March 13, 1958

* associated editor of haiga on-line website ( and (one of three) editor(s) of haiku website Aozora haiku (

* five published poetry book (Time of Nettles, The Patch of Dark, Jostling of Butterflies, An Upset Bird and Wide Open Eyed Dreaming).

* published in many (paper) haiku magazines - Japanese (Mainichi Daily News, Ginyu, Ko, Ehime), American (Modern Haiku, Point Judith Light, In Buddha's Temple, Pearls of Wisdom), English (Blithe Spirit), Canadian (Haiku Canada Newsletter), Dutch (Woodpecker), (Poets International), Slovenian (“Letni Casi”), Rumanian (Haiku), Serbian and on more then 40 haiku and haiga websites (The Heron’s Nest, Poetry in the Light, Haijinx, Mainichi Daily News, Asahi Haikuist Network, World Haiku Review, Kuniharu’s Digital Haiga Gallery, Photo-Haiku Gallery, World Tempos Journal, Inter-Arts, etc.)


* Golden Star - Toast Point Contest, 1998.
* Honorrable Mention 1999. and Second Prize 2001. - Mainichi Daily News
* First Prize and Merit - Haiku competition YU-2.99
* Second Prize 1999, Commended 1992. and Third Prize 2003. – Yu haiku competition Odzaci
* Runner-up - The English Tanka & Haiku on Water, River, Lake and Sea, Japan 2001.
* Third Prize - Kusamakura International Haiku Contest, 2001.
* Honorable Mention - Haiku International Association Contest, Japan 2001.
* Honorable Mention - VI Mainichi Contest, Japan 2002.
* Merit Award - 14. ITOEN, 2003.

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