November 2003, Volume 1, Number 5


Donna Ferrell

FERRELL, DONNA: lives on a small farm near Westerville, Ohio, with her husband and two children. Donna has taught high school English for over 20 years and is currently teaching in an adult literacy program. A co-moderator of Mountain-Home, an internet list for the writing of modern waka in the traditional style, her work appears in In Buddha's Temple, World Haiku Review, American Tanka, Mainichi, and David Coomler's Hokku--Writing Traditional Haiku in English: The Gift to be Simple, and Tanka Light.

A morning shower;
The pollen-hued drop
On a lily petal.
Sun-lit shallows;
Minnow tails flicking
Against the current.
An unknown path;
Mistaking the snake
For a tree root.
Spring wind;
Turning the cows
Into new pasture.
Morning fog;
The strand of spider web links
Tree to tree.
Fireflies shifting
Above the wheat field;
Rising mist.
The dew-covered grass--
These holey work shoes,
Their coolness!
Morning stillness;
With no place to climb,
Blue morning glories!
Autumn wind--
The swan's feathers lodged
Among the reeds.
The county fair;
From the flower arrangement,
A cricket chirping.

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