November 2003, Volume 1, Number 5


Olga Hooper: sumi-e with haiku

Sumi-e means "Black Ink Painting." Black ink on white paper, simple, elegant and serene. Simplicity is the most outstanding characteristic of Sumi-e. An economy of brush strokes are used to communicate the essence of the subject.



solitary swan
a sudden gust
checking each flower
blustery day
simple narcissi

solitary swan
floating over the lake
cuckoo cry



Olga Hooper

Born in Siberia, Russia. She graduated from University with a master's degree with honors in history and social sciences. For many years Olga has been a teacher in colleges and universities, her interests and occupations extend to many other fields including business, administration, sociology, fitness, and foreign languages.

When she married her American husband in 1998, she and her son moved to the USA. She now lives in Michigan with her husband and two cats, one is Russian and the other is American. Olga's close family also includes her son, two step-children, and three grandsons who are all Olga's big pride and happiness. She is an avid gardener, and her big beautiful garden keeps her busy most of the time.

About a year ago, Olga encountered Japanese culture for herself, and now sumi-e, haiku, ikebana, shakuchachi, koto music, and Japanese cuisine. All arel areas of passionate interest, study, and exercise. This is her first public exposure as a haiku poet.

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