November 2003, Volume 1, Number 5


Patricia Prime

Patricia is the co-editor of the New Zealand haiku magazine Kokako, and reviews editor of the Australian online magazine Stylus. She writes reviews, articles, and poetry and is currently publishing interviews with New Zealand poets and editors. She has published three books of haiku in collaboration with other poets, published a collection of her own poetry, Accepting Summer, edited an anthology of New Zealand poetry, Something Between Breaths, and is currently writing an article on the Katikati Haiku Pathway for the Australian magazine Yellow Moon.

bush walk
a chipped mosaic tile
marks the start

GE free placard
the child's message

hoisting his dhoti
Indian gentleman
settles in a swing

rock pool
touching a sea-anemone
a tentative toe

tips of his fingers
holding down the last notes
concert pianist

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