December 2003, Volume 1, Number 6

Alan Segal, pen name "old pajamas' : haiku


through the battleground
run red rivulets to be
swallowed by whales

even the beating
wind is hushed....winter geese
passing through this night

what a divine wind,
my son, driving drunken piss
at the moon's fat face

coughing blood
no matter....beyond the reeds
five notes of Ho-wo!*

*Japan: fabulous mythical bird

dragonfly, today's
rain settles my child's body
eyes full of water

grand soliloquy....
from the marsh a blue heron
laments this hard life

with every breath
the shakuhachi master
bends a blade of grass

you withdraw....
pursue your other passion
my rival the moon

shocking pink
slant in the rain barrel
my mouth drips sunset


Copyright 2003 Simply Haiku

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