December 2003, Volume 1, Number 6

Dr. Angelee Deodhar: Published Haiku


from the shadows
ceaseless as song of cicadas
sex-show sex-show

pail in hand
I trace the muddy path
of childhood mushrooms

Haiku World International Poetry Almanac 2000
By William J. Higginson, ISBN 4-7700-2090-2

rumors of war
up into a darkening sky
a child's newsprint kite

The Robert Speiss Haiku Memorial Award 2003 Third Prize

using his towel
for my face
fragrance of his after shave

Still Issue #1 Jan 1997, (UK)

sudden gust of laughter
carried in with the rain
- street urchins

paper wasp 6(4) spring 2000, Australia

in the silence
of the zendo
my stomach growls

frogpond Vol XXI : 2, 1998

first snow man
his nose lost to
a passing horse

The Heronís Nest Vol V:3, March 2003

long absence
the neighbourís roses spill over
our porch

The Second World Haiku Conference Anthology, Oct 2003

an I.V. line
anchors me to the monitor
thoughts still wander

Modern Haiku Vol. XXIX, No.1 Winter-Spring, 1998 (USA)

harvest moon-
scooping it out of the lake
the rustle of leaves

† 1st Haiga Online Haiku competition (honorable mention, 2003)

Angelee Deodhar is a well-known Indian haiku writer and artist. Her bio statement follows:

Born just before the partition in India, schooled in the best "English" tradition I grew up in sylvan surrounds amongst the foothills of Himalaya, and fell in love with them. My father was a doctor in the India Army, and our home was full of books and music. Even during medical school (graduate and post graduate studies) I wrote short stories, articles poems - but never thought of "writing" as a career.

After working as an ophthalmologist in remote villages for almost 18 years, I developed a life threatening recurrent pulmonary thrombo embolism with repeated prolonged hospitalization. This is when writing became a lifetime and a second career. Now, a decade later, my poems, stories and haiku have been published in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Greece, Croatia, Romania, Finland, Poland and India. I owe a lot to those who have encouraged me along the Haiku Path: Liz Fenn of the Haiku Conservatory who sent me my first copy of HAIKU HEADLINES (#63/JUN'93), Patrick Frank, Elizabeth S. Lamb, Ken Liebman, Bob Spiess, Bill Higgison, Gerald England, Ion Codrescu, Jim Cacian, Season/Carolyn Thomas, and of course, Rengé/David Prieb, who has given me this opportunity to share my work. I am indebted to my husband, a physician, and my son, for their support through many emotional storms of chronic illness.

Of all the poetic forms I find haiku most appealing. Throughout their deceptive simplicity one can share moments of absolute awareness, of truth, of images, or depths and heights of the spirit which transcend time, cultures and continents-bringing about universal peace and understanding. I believe that if more people turn to writing haiku, there would be more joy and less strife in our lives, in our world.

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