December 2003, Volume 1, Number 6

Ernest J. Berry

The Great Depession of 1929 was not triggered by his birth and he takes no responsibility for the World War which followed. His only claim to fame is an over-endowment of childlike innocence in affairs of state and learning - which persist to this day..

After failing to graduate [in Christchurch New Zealand] with honours , he sought fame and 4tune worldwide in a variety of unrelated spheres to wit ... medicine, shepherding, soldiering, retailing - eventually winding down to a remote cove on Marlborough Sounds with a book of haiku without wine.

Since Basho discovered him in 1995, he has devised over 15,000 haiku, been published widely, mentioned in despatches, won competitions, convened workshops, judged contests, and generally made a nuisance of himself...He remains in [unretired] bliss with his painterly wife Triska, a cat named Dammit, and a trail of late native birds.


water colourist
his row boat
begins to float

cherry blossoms
on fujiama
who cares

brisk walk
the snail shell
keeps up

women's hospital
shadows in the corridor

between labor pains
distant rain

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