December 2003, Volume 1, Number 6

Hortensia Anderson: Haibun

Hortensia Anderson is the author of numerous chapbooks as well as a volume of poetry, TRUST (fly-by night press, 1995). Her current passion is renga and other forms of collaborative poetry. She lives precariously on dialysis on the lower east side of NYC.



As I stroll along the winding path that leads to the mausoleum, I feel a strange tranquillity - I haven't been to visit in years. It takes me awhile to find them - I keep getting lost in the labyrinth. Next to my aunt, around the corner from my father and grandfather, a smooth slice of marble waits for an engraver. I had begged for this niche until my bewildered mother finally relented. How strange, knowing the name and the date - except for the last two digits.

columbarium . . .
mourning doves
a shade greyer

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