December 2003, Volume 1, Number 6

Katherine Samuelowicz

Katherine Samuelowicz is a member of paper wasp haiku group based in Brisbane, Australia, and has haiku and other poems published in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, USA and in Russia. Although she always loved tanka for its bitter sweet taste it's only recently that she gathered enough courage to try and write tanka.

Her two books noticing the view: haiku and other poems and self portrait with sand: postcards from various places and an anthology bawdy per verse and irreverent, co-edited with John Knight, have been published by Post Press. She is one of the editors of paper wasp, a haiku magazine.

on the wind
smell of the burning wood
where are you now
when the winter chill
has returned

wisps of dirty clouds
strung across moonface
to your voice
not the words

sunday afternoon
catching up with work
outside my office
two students kiss
and kiss and kiss

news of my father's death
my hands
holding the phone
like his
like my son's

Yellow Moon 14, 2003 Highly Commended

Copyright 2003 Simply Haiku

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