December 2003, Volume 1, Number 6

Kay F. Anderson

Kay F. Anderson celebrates every day beside a San Francisco Bay lagoon in Redwood Shores, California. Having received “a sort of life-extended visa,” living with metastatic melanoma, Kay recently returned to writing tanka and haiku with undeniable insight. Her tanka awards include three in Tanka Splendor, 1993; First Place in Haiku Poets of Northern California 1995 San Francisco International Tanka Contest; Editor’s Choice Award in BRUSSELS SPROUT, 1995. Another of her tanka appeared in 1994, in the tanka anthology, Wind Five Folded and in the Acorn Tanka Supplement 2001. Three of her tanka will also appear in the forthcoming The Tanka Anthology. Many other of her tanka regularly published in Frogpond, Woodnotes and Tanka Light. Kay’s haiku have appeared in many of the leading journals, and her haiga have been featured on Haiga Online, and also appear in the premier edition of Reeds, published by Jeanne Emrich.


sunday morning teacher
your spirit was gentle
upon the path
............I was three or four
and I still walk it with you

I lift
the white peach to my lips
its skin readily yields
an offering from you
a deep honor, somehow, for me

how delicate
these Icelandic poppies
like those my gruff father grew can not hug
didn’t he know that?

I breathe
deeply of this autumn air
memories lapping my mind
soon to be seventy . . .
I understand my parents

Grown daughter and I
sit upon wooden steps,
“springing the seedpods”
of a dry larkspur.
The baby in her womb.

Mirrors International
Tanka Awards 1993

Copyright 2003 Simply Haiku

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