December 2003, Volume 1, Number 6

Shisan: A Princess is Born
led by Yoshiko Uchiyama, AIR*, Winter 2001


a princess is born --
the dancing leaves
of golden gingko оооо.о.о. Yoshiko Uchiyama

a walk interrupted
the fine winter sky!
ооо..о.о Tateshi Tsukamoto

today the master

will be my guest
for tea ceremony
оооо.о.о. Kikuyo Sugiura


breaking traditions
a modern-art plate
оооо.оо.Hiroshi Tamura

shrine kittens
their paws at branches
offering blossoms
ооооо.о. Kris Kondo

time saturates
my love into a butterfly
оо.оо Eiko Yachimoto


a Dear John letter
arrived one day
on the Afghan front
ооо.о.о. Tateshi

travelling alone
in the scorching sun

volcanic ashes

trailing along in
the elver migration
оооо....о Eiko


THE RECESSION kicked out
оо..о...о. Yoshiko

with a glass of Scotch
I sit in waiting,

a three quarter moon ооооо Hiroshi

autumn's elegance
robes the islands of myth


*AIR: the Association for International Renku


Copyright 2003 Simply Haiku

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