December 2003, Volume 1, Number 6

Sue Mill

Sue Mill lives in Brisbane, Australia and prefers writing haiku to doing housework.

She has been writing haiku for about eight years but does not remember what sparked her interest. Sue has had work published in nine countries.

She also enjoys creating photo-haiku. Sue belongs to one haiku group, paperwasp, which meets monthly, as well as participates in on-line discussion groups and had been co-mentor for the WHC Beginners Group since it started. She greatly appreciates the feedback from both the face-to-face meetings and the internet haiku community. She has been runner up in a couple of competitions, as well as achieving several Commendeds and Highly Commendeds

She is also involved with the Australian Haiku Society:


afternoon sun
the shadow of the daisies

bush creek--
upside down trees

shady creek
canoes glide through
the tree's reflection

spring rain
the crunch of a snail

starless night
frangipani blossoms
litter the lawn


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