December 2003, Volume 1, Number 6

Young Hi Lee

Born in Korea 1947 and is an Oriental Ink Painter, art teacher and sculptor, teaches ink painting at the Art Academy of Cincinnati Community Education, and Craft Summer at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and the Cincinnati Korean - American School. She holds BA degree in Oriental Painting from the College of Fine Arts of Seoul National University.

She resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband of 32 years. She have attempted tocapture that dance between emptiness and subjects, stillness and movement, various tones of ink and colors. Her paintings convey sense of ever - transforming inner being with seasonal changes and cadence of life. In her thought, the sense of nothingness / emptiness unites everything. It gives the sense of refinement and the beauty of the white blankness.

Her paintings have appeared in Watercolor Magic (Spring 2000). Her articles have been published in Art Academy News (1991) and The Quarterly review of the Sumi-e Society of America, Inc. (1988-89).She exhibits her paintings throughout the midwest. Since 1993 she has been interested in three dimensional art (stone sculpture). She carves stones enthusiastically at Walter Driebachs Cincinnati Studio. She takes negative space off from a stone slowly until a image appears . .

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