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Hugh Waterhouse

Hugh Waterhouse is said to be fast approaching 50 but doesn't believe a word of it. He lives in the English city of Sheffield, built on the foothills of the Peaks, a favorite place for hiking and haiku-inspiration. He discovered haiku in 1997, when Jane Reichhold was a visiting author in an online, general poetry workshop. Since then he has belonged to a number of online haiku communities.

Hugh Waterhouse trained as an archaeologist, but now concentrates on writing and storytelling. His interests include history, astronomy, Spanish language and culture, and hockey (the latter being compulsory when he married a woman from Montreal).

His work has been published in Presence (journal, UK); Fragments (ed. Alison Williams, Hub Press 2001); 'Masaoka Shiki special kukai'  in  Ehime One Hundred Haiku (Japan, 2001); Wild Flowers, New Leaves: A Collection of World Haiku (ed. Susumu Takiguchi, Ami-Net International Press 2002), World Haiku Review (including WHCSpanish).

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