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Haiga by Ashe in Collaboration With Several Haijin
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Firstly thanks to all the courageous poets who have allowed me free reign with their work, those whose work is illustrated in this collection and those that I couldn't quite squeeze in.

I've been asked to say a little about how I arrived at haiku and haiga--by a kind of evolution I guess. One thing leads to another which leads to another, and of course those inevitable accidents. My two loves are nature and poetry--need I say more? Reading an anthology of nature poetry I remember stumbling upon Li Po, a Chinese poet, and being profoundly affected by the power of his writing. Notably, his ability to convey the depth of an experience, and with so few words, I was astounded. Here is where it all began.

We sat together the forest and I
Merging into silence,
Until only the forest remained.

Li Po, Chinese, 701-762

As for haiga, I discovered that a little over a year ago when a google poetry search
somehow led me to the site of Kuniharu Shimizu, SEE HAIKU HERE. I found the work breathtaking. These short but powerful poems twinned with equally expressive images-- wow! I wandered around the site, then set out along a trail of links which led me, eventually, to WHChaikumultimedia, a list for haiga creators. I subscribed the same day and I'm still there, still learning and still enjoying haiku and haiga.


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