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Woodblocks by Frank Trueba
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Frank Trueba, born and raised in New York City, always had an interest in drawing. In an educational system that only had funds to provide a visiting art teacher about once a month, he never had much formal encouragement. However, his areas of study in college and graduate school turned to more established subjects such as science, biology, and wildlife management.

The biological sciences satisfied his interest in nature, animals, discovery, analysis, and visuality. His interests in drawing dovetailed nicely with his biological studies and graduate thesis of historical analysis of the development of anatomical illustration.

With his wife's encouragement, he's furthered his studies through workshops in painting, pastels, bookmaking, scientific illustration, and a concentration in printmaking. Both his artistic and analytical traits are used in the printmaking process, from design, to carving, and printing. He enjoys the reproductive quality that allows him to share his art with many people.

After visiting a Japanese woodblock print gallery in New York City in 1985, his passionate interest in this style of art ignited. Discovering the Baren Forum web site in 2001,, he has learned the techniques of moku-hanga.

He currently lives in Scotts Valley, CA between San Francisco and San Jose, with his wife of 19 years and their three dogs. His web site at has been designed to explain printing processes and to show his art in various mediums.

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