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Haiku by Francis Masat

small waves
undulating at my feet
a water snake


rusted truck
its hood covered
with blossoms


the splashing sound
of runners passing


rain barrel -
tadpoles surface
through a cloud


evening shower
trees dripping

Raised and educated in the Midwest, Francis Masat moved to Key West, Florida, after 35 years as a university professor in the Midwest and New Jersey. He now enjoys living, volunteering, and writing in a tropical setting. His older work appears in Avant, Instructor, Liberal Education, Mathematics Magazine, Pony Tracks and Buffalo Trails, and The Pentagon. Recent work, which reflects his Midwest roots, some new directions, and the tropics, has been accepted by Amaze, Artistry in Poetry, Bottle Rockets, Frog Pond, Haiku Harvest, Haiku Spirit, Heron's Nest, Illinois Times, Life in Alaska, Lynx, Mayfly, Modern Haiku, Muse Apprentice Guild, Paper Wasp, Poetry Midwest, Prairie Poetry, Short Stuff, Solares Hill, Tiny Words, and others.

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