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Haiku by Toshiro Takeshita

for another year--         
cherry tree


Christmas tree
now back in the box--         
another year


snow plow
finally clears the road. . .
and buries the cars


freezing morn--
dancing to the rhythm
of my teeth


lying awake
this winter night--
the silence


watching children
sled over the hill--
how old I am


my bladder hears
the temple bell

Toshiro Takeshita is a Japanese poet living in America. He was born in Sakai City, Osaka but was brought up in Orlando, Florida where he still lives. He has a long career as a poet, writing haiku, tanka, senryu and haibun, for over forty years.

During that time, he has belonged to many literary circles. He has closely studied all the major haiku masters from the beginning to modern times. He especially likes the work of Taneda Santoka.

His current memberships include the World Haiku Club, Evergreen English Haiku Society, MIFA international Haiku Circle, HaikuOz, and the Dragon Haijin.

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