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Contents, January-February 2004, Volume 2, Number 1

Announcement: The Winners of the 1st Annual Simply Haiku Winter Kukai

Editor Robert Wilson [bio] [email]
Don Baird
Michael Collings
Tiong Chunghoo
Ian Daw

Francis Masat
Sawako Nakano
Ron P. Nhim
Toshiro Takeshita
Eiko Yachimoto
Ikuyo Yoshimura

Editor Pamela A. Babusci [bio] [email]
Stanford M. Forrester
Michael Ketchek
Francine Porad

Grant Savage
George Swede
Allen Terdiman

Editor Allen McGill [bio] [email]
Debi Bender
Marjorie Buettner
Christopher Herold
Betty Kaplan
Toshiro Takeshita
Robert Wilson

Tad Wojnicki

Editor John Carley [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Beginnings and Endings
Kasen, Orion's Bellybutton
Nijuin, Through the Shadow
Shisan, Late Arrival
Renku Column Guidelines

Haiga New Forms
Editor Ray Rasmussen [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Ashe: Digital & Photo-Manipulated Art
Angelee Deodhar: Digital Art
Jerry Dreesen: Watercolor Art
Cheryl Rankin: Photo-Haiku

Haiga Traditional Forms
Editor Bette Wappner [bio] [email]
Editor's Introduction
Ion Codrescu - Ink and Brush Painting
Susumu Takiguchi - Ink and Brush Painting
Frank Trueba - Woodblock Printmaking

Editor Robert Wilson
[bio] [email]
Interview: Randy Brooks
Interview: Jeanne Emrich
Interview: Robin Gill
Interview: Toshiro Takeshita

Editor Carol Raisfeld [bio] [email]
Simply Haiku New Year's Kukai
Washington Poets Assocation Haiku Contest
Snapshot Press Haiku Competition
Shadow Poetry: Zen Garden Haiku Contest
Fifteenth International Tanka Splendor Award
Annual Contests Sponsored by the HSA
 Harold G. Henderson Awards-haiku
Brady Memorial Awards-senryu
Berard Lionel Einbond Renku Competition 
Merit Book Awards published haiku
Museum of Haiku Literature Awards 
The 15th Ito En "Oh-I, Ocha!" Haiku Contest
TSA International Tanka Contest 2004
Haiku Presence sponsored awards 2004
HSA First Quarterly Meeting 2004
First Australian Haiku Anthology
HSA Haiku Collections
Haiku/Haibun Chapbook Competition
New Haiku Journal: Hermitage
Poet's International Haiku Competition

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